Future Beijinger

When I walk in the streets of Beijing, the integration of modern culture and traditional culture are unforgettable. This work expresses my vision for the future Beijing, the future of Beijing that is yet to be explored. 
The future of Beijing is conveyed through depicting a combination of past Beijing folk music with the sound of the future, forming together to form the "future Beijinger." The song is based on Logic and Ableton Live and Max / Msp production with the use of abundant synthesizer sound, electronic sound and real sound sampling. The various types of cultural folk music and traditional Chinese instruments are being distorted by science and technology sound bites describes the feelings of those who lived in Beijing in the past to gain a sense of the future. The beginning and the end are recorded from those living in Beijing from the mountain town. These sounds are like debris as they distort these past folk songs. 
Glass Party

The idea of creation and sampling of music comes from the glass sound on the party. The author aims to make more possibilities and new forms of development of sound by means of music production. The music in part is made of a large number of samples that are from glass and other objects. Through the distortion of the sampling sound, it  creates a glass texture and the feeling of “partying”. 

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