We are using phones unconsciously all the time. I feel like there are too many sitting and watchings. We need to do physical exercise! MOVE MORE!
So my idea is using Yoga postures for people to unlock the phone.

Imagine you must to do these postures to unlock the phone :)   What a fun world
I am starting to explore the gyro and acclerometer sensors in iPhone, and I was knowing the "control" games use the the functions. So I did the research of those games, and I found out the game control view can do that. 
So here is my first try:

And I realize that it cannot easily working on the both UI view control page and the game control page. I just need the data of the sensor, so I print the number and test it with the postures that I want to work with.
So after set the range of the data, I finally testing out the right numbers and the "right" postures.
So next thing is to do the reset and 3 time limitations. 
I used the timer for deciding what will be a failure, I set 10 seconds for the unlocking. When user press the start button, they have 10 sec to do the posture and unlock the phone, if they are not success they will fail and move to the next try. And they can only try 3 times, the reset button will have a counter to count the reset time.

I was wanted to set a process bar to show the time remain time of the 10 seconds, however, I did not fully success because I cannot reset the time of the process bar every time they are reseting the procedure.
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