3D scanning of myself and others.
I didn't expect this is gonna be a really tough work.
Me, Kat and Heather tried like 30 times of scanning and took 2 days of our time....then finally got them.
What we tried?
Different rooms:  1. the Shooting Room with both harsh lights and normal lights.  2. Classroomsss   3. dark room with flash lights.  4. the hallways   5. the lobby at 8 and 6 floors.....
Different lights condition
Different moves for scanning
Different person to do that...

What we got?
At the very first day we got nearly nothing...only a OK one, and a lot of smashed ones...
During the second day of frustrating with it, we find out that by using the high rays of rendering it will get a better model. And we finally got several good models at 6 floor by using the flash lights with hi-rays processes. After more than 10 times of trying....

Anyway! here I AM! 
by using the "mixamo" website to make me dance.
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