Welcome Our New Fembot Overlords
1. It let me think about the barbies and the Hi-man toys. Seems like the social context does not change over time...
2. And it was interesting about Kylie Jenner's "shows" on the internet. The article mentioned about she becomes more and more like a cyborgs as they meld with the platforms we watch them on. It happens when we watching her. Are we influencers of her or the opposite? It makes me thinking about the AI advertisings for the users who on the internet. We are not buying the goods, the companies are buying us..
This is the first time I notice the breasts in games and first time to get into details of technical part of that.

Becoming Dragon: a mixed reality, durational performance in second life
I am wondering how they feel when they immersed in the "passing" actions.

Processing in Maya, Wrap 3 and Mixamo
I tried twice to make it work. I used C4D to resize it in the first time, but it won't attach the texture's jpg file in Wrap 3. I still dont know why it won't work through C4D....Then I tried Maya and it worked well.
The process is very straight forward, just to be careful of the link points are at the same position in the bodies before wrap it.
These are some parts of my processes in Wrap 3 and Mixamo:
I am trying to put them in both Unity and Unreal now.
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