Concept Background

My roommate has a cat, but she always gets freaked out and worried when her cat is behaving differently than usual. And she complained about how hard to figure out the problems and health state of her cat, and how hard to make doctor appointment for her car. So I wanted to focus on cat owner’s frustrations and problems. 

Cats in New York City. 
How many cat owners do we have?
Based on our analysis, we estimate that there are approximately 1.1 million pets in the City (600,000 dogs and 500,000 cats), or an ownership rate of about one pet for every three households. 


I identified two groups of stakeholders whom I wanted to have conversations with in order to gain a better understanding of their current experience.
1. The cat owners
2. People who want to have cats

Designed questions

Background info
Cat Info
When With cat 
When not with cat
Social that related to cat

Persona 1

persona 2

After identify the insights and problems that the two groups of stakeholders that I am interviewed with, I tend to have the cat owners of my target user and the people who want to have cats of my potential user.

Journey Map

Market Research

stuacture diagrams
User Journey - solve problem
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