Hear The Line     -    Augmented Reality Story-Telling Experience​​​​​​​

Git Repo Here​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Right now I am dividing the recording files based on recording time, and put the divided recoding file one be one into each nodes index. But it is unstable and it should probably should be able to start from the middle or any start point they want. And they have to follow really hard to get to hear the recording...T T (in the code form line 349 to link 375 in ViewController.swift file)
I tried to get the distance of each nodes, but it will be just straight line distance instead of curve distance, so if I do a circle or irregular shape of the line it will hard to be precise to be able to contain the recording files.

Story Boards
"Pianist" Story Board
"BeatBoxer" Story Board
"Food Appealing" Story Board
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