I feel like to do a little game this week. Because there will be a lot of variables running upon p5.js.

The very basic game on Google webpage inspired me. - A little dinosaur going forward and jumping across the trees by being controlled of "space" key on the keyboard. 
drawing of basic visuals.
I asked Ruian to help me with that.
Problem solved!! :D

I found out the problem that mousePressed function is not working is because of I didn't write it into the right position.
function mousePressed() {}
must outside of the function draw(){ }

witch means:  function is paralleled!!!

Then I tired to make it smoother and slower for jumping around ( mousePressed and mouseReleased )

Week 3
continuing of week 2 
I tested some algorithmic designs on p5.js. 
Here are the results.
Then I tried to combine the "random" and beautiful background to my cute and simple game!
I made the background go changing over time, and wanted it will be like when we running outside while the views are going back. 
I separated the code into to 3 parts.
1. draw the whole game graphics.
2. make it loop + add the mouse function
3. change the background into an algorithmic design.
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