How computation applies to my interests

I have been studying music and sound for several years, but I always feel music experience is not enough for either express our emotions or having experience. My ears capture nature sound and sound that surround us all the time, experience that connect me to the nature world intensely happening on my life. Once I walked across campus under the rain. The raindrops kept falling on the umbrella from gentle to heavy. Suddenly, I heard a melody in my heart which was formed by the raindrops. I stopped, and appreciate the sound changing from a peacefully melancholic andante to a cheerful rhythm. After the extraordinary one hour, I started to wonder how to deliver nature’s melodies and emotions to people. With few days pondering, I think maybe I can transfer and convert different raindrops into data based on their weight and size, and then create a special rhythm and melody by those data. Let the rain compose music!
I can produce complex digital music by using music technologies, and named the demo music of “Moods in the Rain”. But it resulted into further explorations to satisfy my curiosity: how can I let the raindrop itself make music and how can I successfully integrate the interaction between the rain, umbrella and a person?
I didn't know it can actually work by using computational softwares and hardwares, but after my first trying of making an installation of how music was generated by different data of raindrops that collected from the sensors placed under an umbrella, I incredibly got addiction of computational medias. I found a place that can put my thoughts into reality. And that move opened my mind, pushing me go far to new areas of study.
Right now I won't say I have a clear mind of what I really want to do in the future, I think it will be a long process for me to rethink of me and the world. But by using interactivity, I hope to promote an understanding between the world and people as interdependent; bringing subtle changes and prompting reflection in order to influence viewers’ lived reality.
For this specific class, I would like to try playful and kuso ones... moreover, I would love to try interactive experience that people can engaged with.

HW 1
Quiz 001
Where should you put createCanvas()?
I did it!
Quiz 002
How do you make a bright turquoise circle?
Now I have to check how to make a circle and the specific color from the reference site of P5.js.
Here I made one, but then I realized that I choose the wrong color from the Google search and it was not bright turquoise just turquoise.
And I tried to make the bright value of the color...whoops...
I found out that is not in the right colorMode so this is wrong way to do that.
Then I checked the HSB mode....Still...not right
Finally! I searched the bright turquoise color and it has a specific one for that.
I know there are different value mode of RGB now...
Quiz 3
make a same one of that pic...
I try to make the bias stroke as easy as possible....but I did a tough one.
I want to draw a straight stroke and then make it turn to 90 degree, but the canvas is not square...
I tried math the Pythagorean theorem with Jing...but still not perfect... How to make that specific degree???
Then I tried to set a translate() function on it, make more sense because it rotated based on the point that I set on....but it looks still not right....

HW 2
So excited hahha
well...I really wanna draw a self-portrait with p5.js!  and maybe draw a same one of my hand drawing self portrait.
The curves are difficult to control, but after tried several hours...I can slowly making curves.

I tried 2D, curves, was hard to understand the control point at the first.
curve(first control point x, first control point y, first point x, first point y, end point x, end point y, second control point x, second control point y);
that's what i want to remembered...

This is my profile photo of my social medias, I did this on the phone by using finger drawing. Now I feel like recreate that by using p5.js.

during the day time while I'm not with my computer, I tried the phone version of P5.js. It was actually good to use...
Thinking and Questions

How to make a specific degree for rotating an element? (my pitfalls)
How to control a mirror(reverse) function for an object.
Just a thought.. two different ways to draw on p5.js. 
1. drawing on paper or on photoshop before drawing on p5.js. (but what the difference between coding drawing and ps drawing
2. directly drawing on p5.js and put random values or random thoughts on it. 

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