Mono sound track, I've never done it before. 
It is a challenge for me because this mono piece have to based on my concept also need to related to the space for listening experience.
After I tried Tone.js a little bit, I kind of figuring out of what functions it provides that will let us beautifully and efficiently using for creating sound. 
At this point, I am starting to think of how to make a piece that based on my concept. I feel like it is an opportunity to try to make experimental sound, because the mono idea surprisingly bordered my idea of creating sound. And by thinking the narrative of ourself, I would like to express my feeling of chaos in both real society and digital society. I always reminding myself to hear the voice that deeply inside me, the original and not lost thoughts. I would like to use sound to represent those ideas.

I would want to record a piece of poetry that would most intriguing me and represent my concept, which is using my own voice. And build up sound and/or noise sound for showing the chaos around us. 
I would like to let listeners to cover their ears and hold a chopstick with their teeth then stand the chopstick on the table to feel the sound converted from their bones. For the speaker, I would like to flip over the speaker upon the table.

The way of listening
I am thinking of the ear. The way of listening is not just with the ear, even the ear is kind of using bones or ossicles of the medium. So I want to consider what we actually heard inside ourselves? Just like John Cage heard two sounds during a visit to an anechoic chamber.....  Bones? Auditory hallucinations? tinnitus?.....

The poem that I used for recording is from Beidao (North Island), a Chinese famous poet. The reason I choose a Chinese poem is I would like to confuse audience, and let them think of their own narrative and to feel the voice inside themselves instead of me.

by  Bei Dao (North Island)

Tracing a pigeon’s cooing cries
I am looking for you
Towering forest that has veiled the sky
On the trail
A dandelion going astray
Leads me to a lake in blue and grey
Through the wavering inverted image I
Have found you
And those unfathomable eyes

After recording my voice, I converted and made it into midi file, then made 3 tracks of that melody with different instrument. On top of them covered different frequency of sound. (for making the chaos and cover my voice).
Then I am using the listening method that I mentioned above for testing the effect. I feel the part around 1000Hz will be the best to hear under this method. So I edited the EQ in a weird way. lol 

For visualizing the sound. I am imaging in this way instead of a normal visualization of sound waves.

My journey of Tone.js

I made the simple recording and composed a melody? (not really) on top of it, the melody is mimic the voice's frequency over time. And I converted it into midi file because I want to try it in Tone to see what I can build based on that. However, I made the sound by using the FatOscillator, I couldn't use the midi file in fiddle...I couldn't solve the error even I tried different methods. I am still figuring out and studying Tone.js, but I feel it will be more in good use if I create an interactive music project based on the web. I would love to try it during the study period, but I feel I want to finish this work and to see the effect. So I decided not using Tone this time, instead using music software for producing.
However, since I already tried and it was so fun! I would like to show a simple piece that I made after I finishing this one. 

The errors of "CORS disabled" (solved) and Bad MIDI flie? (I tried both Json and mid file.)

In the middle of making, I actually want to generate some noise by using Tone.js, because it is beautiful in code! 
I failed ..
I can't hear the sound if I turn downside of the speaker, so I just test it on the speaker itself. After the text, one of the audience said there is a vibration speaker can transfer sound wave to surface. I would want to try it!!! Unfortunately I did't find it in ITP, and my order did't arrive yet. :(
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