What I can do with music notes in Arduino?
Lab experience:
By following instructions to control a servo motor, I found out it might be very useful for making movement of items
I like the example of FRSK04 (http://fletcherbach.com/FRSK04)

2. Tone Output
I tried to make a music touching box this week, but I couldn't figure out a way to put real .mp3 or music file in arduino. I used to link arduino to another software( music produce software) to make sound, but I feel like it would not be the focus for this week. So I figure out to combine pitches and specific note to make a "music-like" sound.

This is the lab 2's video and showing sound(pitch) changing that controlled by photosensors.

Here is my music touching box  ---- "listen to the stars".
Using several photosensor and phototransisters, and mapping their value to the light value, to make a Theremin-like instrument.
the box I made shows an start-like image. each holes on it will be the "start" that we are touching for and listening of.

The video is a test for separating 2 photosensors and sense the light to change the sound

this is not the final piece and I still kind of re-edit the code for more hearable pitches.

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