Question: Do we need to calculate the resistivity of wires if using massive of them? For example, if we are using a big and thickness wire/ 1000 jumper wires/ long wires in a installation.
The question that came from the processes of my homework: I saw someone use resistors on the FSR sensors, but I tried to remove resistors that connected to the FSR because I was thinking it might affect the function and it still works. So do we need to always connect resistors to the sensors?

For the reading 2 of Norman, Emotional Design, Chapter 1, “Attractive Things Work Better”
I do strongly and sympathetic agree with his argument about an attractive design (with useful functions) for objects are more letting the things work better.

some notes:  V = I* R 
                       I = V / R
                      R = V / I 
connection in series:     R total = R1 + R2 +....+Rn
connection in parallel:   1 / R total = 1 / R1 + 1 / R2 +...+ 1 / Rn 

Making an application with switch and led.
I am always liking to use FSR pressure sensors. I want to try lighting a led with FSR sensor that I have.
Firstly, I tried to just connect the Arduino and led just for lighting it up, then I followed the video to write the code into the Arduino for controlling the led.
This is the code that wrote into the Uno.
Then I prepared for a FSR switch in a circuit!
Here are the materials that I used in that application:
· Arduino uno
· Breadboard
· Force sensitive resistor
· 220 Ohm resistor
Connecting them into a circuit. 
// for FSR led
int ledPin = 7;     
int sensorPin = A0; 
int value; 

void setup(){
  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);  
void loop(){
  value = analogRead(sensorPin);       
  value = map(value, 0, 1023, 0, 255); 
  analogWrite(ledPin, value);         
Then tried to light it up when I press the FSR pressure sensor!
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