Sid Chou, Ridwan Madon, Amitabh Shrivastava, Chenyu Sun, Chenhe Zhang

Urban Mobility (Tangible)
At the very beginning, we thought urban mobility is way too broad for us to think and observe, so we separated the "urban mobility" into different sections: 1. Mode of Transportation  2. People's everyday life. 3. Accessibility  4. Weather Protection After discuss the two sections, we are brainstorming what is the most scenes and things that come into our mind, and what we are most interested and focused on urban mobility.
We we all come up with the phenomenons while people are walking on the street/subway/buildings, which are typically appearing in the New York City  ----- about Pedestrian
So our topic is about pedestrian in the city, and our next step is to observe people's movement by their feet.
My observation
The most interesting thing that I noticed of is the people who is always carrying a pushcart or baby carriage or a suitcase, and people who need to hold a walking stick.
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