I tried the "sound travel" experience and it was amazing!
I was thinking of the "layout" of the sound tracks and speakers, here is the diagram that I think it will work for my "travel" experience.

So I separate the sound into different "modes":
1 MODE: 
4 tracks that playing same sound, the very back of the pair of speakers playing the original sound, and the speakers that at the third position will play the track 1 second later than the very back of the pair of speakers, and the speakers that at the second position will play the track 2 second later than the very back of the pair of speakers...... till the very front pair of speakers will the 3 second later than the very back of the pair of speakers. In that case, manually but effectively "travel" effect is happening.

One track of background sound, the sound is narritive and ongoing experience. 
Scatter sound and different effect will be placed into different tracks, using "3D panner" to separate it into different speakers.

3D panner mode, the final mode is surrounding sound that triggered by just one track of music into all speakers by using panner effect.

Testing the quad sound experience with Chenshan, (we didn't use the front Marshall speaker): 
The full sound track is a little bit massy because of the different modes of my settings, it sounds good by using 8 speakers. So I export the single tracks together into this file:
I am really exciting to make the final piece for our multi speaker experience!!!!!!
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