I am so exciting that I want to try a special sound effect that I don't know how to even do it yet.
Based on the concept that I want to develop further for the final project, I want to make the space of an actual experience in a "story" space, let audience feel moving backward in an infinity space. So based on this experience that I want to create, I am thinking of the sound effect and multispeaker environment. How can I make the sound effect like time traveling.
"Time Travel in Sound Infinity Space" or "Sound Travel" effect
Here are some of visual represent of how "sound travel" effect.
I tired using "panner" effect tool on Tone. js and Max/Msp, and set the different position of the sound based on the understanding of "x,y,z" position and orientation.

Here are some experiments.

After this stereo experiment, I actually want to try to use more speakers to hear the actual "travel". If I want to do that kind of experience, how do I make the music/sound part? Should I make the several music pieces first and then continuing map it into the speakers or should I need to know the specific speaker and design sound for each speaker??  I am not sure how to make 3D music experience...?
I am not sure if this effect is doable or not. So I would like to ask for help for that.

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