I am quite excited about starting my Animation class because I am very into story-telling as well as watching animations. Some of my favorites animators include Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon.
For the stop motion animation, I partnered with Dreamy. We are inspired by the comics of Joan Cornella. Both of us love his sense of humor with unexpected storylines. We also want to create a story that is kind of unexpected and visually tricked.
We decided to start with something random and played by ear to make up story. So we started with the game Snake. We drew the beginning of the story and use the phone camera to visualize it in a frame. Then we built up the story with random plots and drew along with it. Finally, we built a quite interesting one — The Sweet Sisyphus:
A snake is on the floor searching for food (the setup is just like the game Snake). After it ate a candy, its body was extended. Finally it moved to the edge of the frame and the floor became sky and it started flying by blowing a bubble. While it was flying, it met some sharks and rainbow. But its happiness doesn’t last long when a long tongue started chasing it from the floor and rolling it up. Very soon, the candy snake is taken back to the ground and eaten by a frog. The frog is now happy. It jumps away during when its poop drops which become another snake starting play the snake game all over again.
After we got the story, we decided to use different candy as our protagonist and the setting. In the candy shop, we were extremely happy.
Then we started shooting. I couldn’t imagine that the shooting process for a 30-sec story could take so long.
If you ask me what we could do better/ more effectively next time, I would say:
Fix/Stabilize the settings with tape/glue/whatever you could use to avoid accidental movement
Prepare more than 1 battery coz it is very likely to run out of it!!
More is more!

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