We will start to finalize our story and details, and how to show it with after effect.
13 characters total

Scene 1: Close up on Host (DAVID) at his dinning room table, bored, alone
Scene 2: decides to have a dinner party, begins walking (limping/dragging the marble platform he stands on) through a gallery with many famous paintings we’ve seen handing out invitations to a select few, WHO IS THE FIRST GUEST
Scene 3: passes seurat, then monet
Scene 4: Close up on American Gothic: “why weren’t we invited?”
Scene 5: pass Nighthawks
Scene 6: Jeff koons balloon dog gets an invitation
Scene 7:  Frida Kahlo pops it to take his invitation for herself
Scene 8: passes another painting, Napoleon
Scene 9: hands out invitations one after another
Scene 10: David reviews his menu ( andy warhol campbells soup, shrimpies, cake, still life that has fruit)
Scene 11: Paintings getting ready for the last supper (las meninas, The Birth of Venus)
Final scene: the last supper, with all the art characters as guests, and Jesus is the cater waiter (?)

Finalize all 13 characters in final scene:
girl with pearl earring
girl from las meninas
Van Gogh
Mona Lisa
Dora Maar-au-chat (Piccaso)
Dali Head

Who are the focal guests during invitation distribution?
     a .Mona Lisa and Van Gogh
     b.Frida and dog
     c.Girl with pearl earring
          These are the characters that we are doing rn

Who needs to be animated when they don’t get to come
American Gothic
Which backgrounds that David will passing by?
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