Make a toy based on your own design/concept.
There are two concepts of toy that I was thinking about:
1. create a character that the design is originally from Beijing opera.
  Because the Masks design of Beijing Opera is very unique and have strong characteristics. Different color and emotion on the mask represent different type of the actors. For example, some black masks represent for good people, and white masks represent for crafty and sly guys.... Here are the images that can be strictly seen.
and I combined the evil guys posts from different animations with black masks' character. trying to make it cool
I also used different materials like clay and paper for trying it on. 
but I haven't color and mask it yet
2. Angry Huggers!!!
This idea is kind of combine my own personality and cute "angry" foods into a toy.
They are "evil" and angry but they wanna be hugged!
I did them through 3D modeling and printing, it works for me! But I haven't color them yet, they need to be detailed and remodel again.
And these are they tryings that for prototyping!

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