Avatar Me Show

How human in real life recognize their authorship of their representations (like images, avatars, personal data…) inside the digital world?

The boundary of “new law” in virtual world?

We are going to start a play and using our audiences' avatars as actors. And our audiences won't know it before they starting to watch the play in theater.
Then their reactions and feedbacks will be collected in the end of the play.


The techniques I used
1. 3D scanning 
2. Maya and Wrap3 
3. Unity
4. Final Cut Pro and After Effects

Term of use
We made people to sign up for the 3D scan, with a term of use in the sign up page. This part of project is important because the term of use start from beginning of the project and inside the page, but actually no one mentioned it and no one cares about it.

I was surprised by the feedbacks from my "avatars audience". During the show, almost all the audience who in the show were surprised and happy from watch it. None of them feel uncomfortable and want me to stop spreading it. Manu, Calab, Noah and Ruyi told me they were thinking of the host will ask them going in front of audience and to participant in the games, and then surprised by the moment that when they saw themselves' avatars with "real" body and face actually in the show and doing the games. And some of them told me that it was so realistic that they feel like really connected to the avatars between themselves. Ruyi said:"I feel like I want to control her but I couldn't". 
One thing worth to be focus on discussion later is that the audience who don't know who the avatars are in the show feel less understandable and more confuse about it. Also, when they all watching the game 3 part of video, they were more silence/serious than before.

I had two group of people to watch the show, one had more "avatars" audiences in the group, another had few. And the result are quiet different. The first group which had more avatars audiences are more exciting and emotional. The second group were more question and focus on the concept of the play.


The second group with less "avatars" audience

The first group with more "avatars" audience

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