Individual work: Chenyu Sun

Traveling aims to reflect the integration and development of elements in traditional and future music and world. We live in an era of cultural combination and conflicting.  During the process of creation and life journey, we may encounter and absorb different types of elements, traditional, futuristic and dreamlike......In this piece of work, we constantly pass through space according to visual effects of starry sky and rainbows. We also see different elements of objects, and even figures in traditional Peking Opera. They demonstrate the conflict and integration between tradition and future during process of visual and auditory traveling. 

Simple objects and elements are utilized. Emergence, movement, change and disappearance of cubes and triangles, as well as midi music reveal the new cultural element in modern times and the future.  Traditional sound wave, figure changes in Peking Opera and midi music tracks indicate the integration and innovation of traditional culture and modern manufacture. 
The production method of electronic music is used to edit the sound samples and synthesizers. A variety of electronic music tones are filled with the sense of future technology. Elements of Peking Opera, human voice and Chinese traditional instruments also reveal the integration of tradition and future. 
How work: Open source of Rwmidi is used in Processing, so that it can receive midi signals. In Ableton Live, eight tracks are designed for midi signal output. Processing can identify the switch, pitch and volume of midi port. Changes of midi music in each track will trigger other changes of different visual elements. 

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