2016.11  Individual work    

“Moods in the Rain” is a reflection how nature and human beings become interact with each other by expressing message with music from the rain. By converting raindrops’ pressure data that on umbrella into music, allow people to hear sound randomly produced by the rain once it hits the umbrella. 
By using rain, which is natural and changing, the changes in atmospheric pressure will make one’s emotions change in a variety of ways. Most of those experiencing a rainy day will be hiding to avoid being wet, so the umbrella has become a dividing line between the raindrops and us. I would like to use the umbrella as a medium and as an instrument, let the rain compose music for us.

The raindrops trigger sound through the sensor on the umbrella so that you can hear the randomly generated music once they are triggered. Through the different size of the raindrops, the frequency and the weight of falling make a random rhythm with a melodic sound to express the the message in which the raindrop makes onto the umbrella. This expression of nature conveys  another form of how people interact with the environment, bringing people to experience a different type of rainy day. 
Listening to the information the natural environment gives us is in the form of music, and letting people switch to different patterns at the same time can follow the rain and music to change the mood of the sound. 

Sound from the original electronic music production, divided into multiple chords and sound libraries, each one represents a mood. Raindrops randomly create rhythm, melody and others, which constitute music.

Sensor design:
how it works

I put the pressure sensors under the umbrella and it will be triggered by the raindrops with different values, and the data will transit to the Arduino, then through a Serial Bridge route to the Ableton live music software to compose a music by the nature.
process of making
Code process

First test out

Music process

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