Hear The Line     -    An Augmented Reality Story-Telling Experience​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"I want to talk everyone that who will pass there about the story of this old ancient Vally. Only be here who can feel the story. " -Sarah Chen (Film Student)


We, as a life traveler, a world explorer, want to share the beauty of our surroundings and always want to hear beautiful stories. However, when we share our stories on the websites by texting, we sometimes don't want to expose our personal information, or see junk comments under our stories. How might we design an experience that connect story-tellers closer in the real world, more emotionally and at the moment.

As a result, we came up with Hear The Lines: Hear the lines is a simple and playful AR app you can share your stories or messages by drawing in the air and recording sound into the line you draw.

It explores new ways of storytelling and social networking, users use this app to share their stories and movements by drawing a line in the air and record their voice at the same time. And other users can explore the stories by following the lines wherever they find on the world.


Interaction / UX Design, Sketch, InVision, Mapbox,  ARKit,  Swift, App development



Key research insight:

Quickly forget the words to tell after leaving a place.

Sharing stories in personal social account sometimes feel shy.

We focused on story-tellers and people who is too shy to express themselves. We found people who sharing their own stories on the internet, people who love traveling, people who don't use social account, and people who just take pictures with describes to interview. Here are the insights we synthesized:

Ideation & Sketch

How to make it Fun, Intuitive and Enhance Reality

Key thoughts:

Movement and gestures
A line is simple but powerful
Tell a story by recording you own voice
Anywhere, anytime
On site, savable



Why AR?

• Connect and interact with your world and view when you need, where you need it
• In real world view • In the moment • In site
• Unrestricted by the edges of a screen

Why Sound?

• Warmly feeling - Real person's voice
• Cleaner App - No junk comments
• More Connecting feeling / Emotionally - Speak out your story

Design & Prototype

Design Solution:

An augmented reality story-telling application that encourage people to create and share, make it possible to “travel back in time” and experience others’ feelings.

AR, Lines and Sound together shows the real movement in real site of a person telling a real story.

A drawing is simply a line drawing for a walk.
                                                                         - Paul Klee

Detailed user walk through:

When a user finds a good spot that they would like others to find the drawing and the message, user can open this app, draw whatever comes out of user's mind and at the same time, recording the sound around, user can record them own voices or the soundscape surround the spot, user's friends would get a notification and when they go to the same place, they can see the lines up in the air, and when they put their phone on the line, the sound playback while they move their phone within the line.

User Flow

UI Prototype

Code :  Github Repo

Future Thoughts

There are many realms that this app could be applied to, museums could use this method to create an audio tour where visitors could see the guiding line and follow it, artists could create a sculpture at the same time record the caption, users could experience what was it sound like when the other user drop the line, and as they follow within the line, they also do the same movements the drawers does, new discoveries might be revealed when reaching high or low. Gradually, connected friends in the app create a world of colorful and speaking lines on top of the real one.

Hear the line encourage people to create and share, make it possible to “travel back in time” and experience others’ feelings. There are infinite possibilities for people to create.

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