Personalized Mi!

“Personalized Mi” is an AR game powered with object detection that attempts to address how one's life path can be gradually affected through personalized advertising by merging in a choice-based storytelling mechanism.

Imagine a fantasy world, everything is running and relying on data, and every piece of data can inform people’s everyday decision-making. Mi, our protagonist, like everyone else, is living through his life surrounded by all types of screens, receiving customized information from the TV, his cellphone, and billboards. Advertisement technology has reached its ultimate development. Merchants are able to use AI not only to understand people’s demands, but also to shape their lifestyles by sending out personalized messages via image, videos, or even the voice assistant.

That is where you come in... Now, you are the advertiser. “Personalized Mi” grants you access to all the data generated throughout Mi’s life. With these historical data points, you can decide what ads to show Mi in real time. During the game, players can use mobile devices to capture any object, and it will be projected on Mi’s screens. While playing this interactive game, the player should realize how each little piece of content received by Mi can gradually shape Mi’s life path.

Players experience the four life stages of Mi, from childhood, young, mid-age to senior life. Players are able to “project" advertisements into Mi’s daily routine through Mi’s TV, voice assistant, mobile phone, AR glasses, or social platforms, by capturing an item with the player's on-phone camera. The ad content can be common objects within the player’s daily life, for example, a laptop, a cup, or even a teddy bear.  For each round of content selection, there will be hints about Mi's current personal preferences. As an advertiser, players suppose to maximize their profit by projecting content that is more likely to suit Mi's preferences. So if Mi's not interested in the content, players' advertising credit will be deducted.

This choice-based interactive tale is a little different but designed for novelty. It tells a universal story about the relationship between personal data and personalizations in people's life. While players can't speak to Mi directly during the experience, but still can feel the information that is gradually affecting Mi's life path through this "transposition experience" with Mi's "screen world." Such experience presents the gradual impact of personalized advertisements on people's day-to-day life. This nonlinguistic narrative favors expression over a direct story. We hope that Mi will be instructive (inspiring) for everyone.

Detect any object in the game using machine learning:
Real-time Object detection using TensorFlow Lite with a quantized MobileNet SSD model trained on the COCO dataset (computer vision model).

AR environment:
AR scene with ARKit by using Swift language.

Request frames in the AR scenes:
Combination of object detection in real-time and AR scene at the same time.

Player input data collecting.
3D modeling and animation making with Cinema 4D, Mixamo, and Blender.

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