Music: Chenyu Sun.   Visual: Yawen Zhang, Jiawei Wu, Chenyu Sun

The video is created in the “Vaporwave” style. In the music of the piece, the sonic sampling feels like  glass. The video tries to make angular sounds relatively clear in the model, and has the same sense with the music feeling like “solemn technology” with the unexpected wave flow.

The idea of creation and sampling of music comes from the glass sound on the party. The author aims to make more possibilities and new forms of development of sound by means of music production. The music in part is made of a large number of samples that are from glass and other objects. Through the distortion of the sampling sound, it  creates a glass texture and the feeling of “partying”. So music and visual dynamic get better integration with integrity.

Music: Chenyu Sun
Visual: Yawen Zhang, Jiawei Wu, Chenyu Sun

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