A few diving experiences let me start to think about the difference between underwater world and underwater world, as well as the acceptance of the heavy emotion that some underwater world can not afford underwater underwater world. The depressive psychological feelings, on the other hand, everyone in life, like a weight-bearing divers, it seems only in the water, in order to be able to put some normally difficult to express the feelings of the normal release. The avatar of society is like a vast expanse of water, and the most intimate sentiment in each person's mind may not form any waves, but it can also turn into a small troposphere in this vast waters.....
 The film talks about a murder between two homosexuals and a heterosexual due to emotional repression. 

Original music creation
The film's music expressed the depressive and ambiguous atmosphere from a perspective of their depressing emotions. The music of a minor tone plays a unique role in the distortion of the sound and in the setting of the strings to express the dark emotions of the characters. After high-frequency sound synthesizer processing and low-frequency rhythm comparison, the metaphor of the relationship between the affair.Acoustic instrument from the sound and electronic tone fusion creation, based on Logic, Ableton Live platform creation. 
Except 0:09 - 0:44 music (after effects editing)

Movie director: Zheng Zhou      Orignal Music: Chenyu Sun

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