A ConsoleGame based action game, which was created by the cooperation of me and game design major students. The background of the game takes place in medieval Europe. Divided into three scenes: the village, the fight, the exploration. Each scene has a different task design, character design and atmosphere design.
I am responsible for the design and compose of original music and sound , which was in order to integrate the atmosphere of each scene and production. Atmosphere music fit game background medieval traditional game music design. The music of the village scene is created by the sound of the acoustic instrument, the music of the fighting scene expresses the tension of the war and the excitement of the morale, and the atmosphere of the music reflects the tension of the unknown enemy. Game participants can feel the visual and auditory effects and involve into the game scene. All the music is based on the creation of soundtracks.
Original music/sound : Chenyu Sun       Original Game producer: Weiqi Feng(drawing), Lianqi Chen(Coding)

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