This video combines light and shadow to show the mix of traditional, oriental and modern aesthetics of the poem. The imagery in the poem conveys the author’s own conception about time and space between himself and the world. The use of several traditional Chinese characteristics in a modern garden and in a virtual space shows the structure of time in a traditional and modern sense. These combinations indicate the author living in an integration of the world and the fusion of art. 
The audio is based on Logic and Ableton Live production, and use Max / Msp for parts of the sound. The use of a synthesizer sound with electronic melodies with the distortion of the national tone of the East indicates a modern fusion of the nation.  The change in sonic frequency reflect the concept of light and shadow staggered. The video and audio together shows the combination of light and illusion, oriental tradition and modern time and space together to create an image of the sonnet. 

Keywords: C4D/ MaxMsp / Electronic music / visual arts
Instrumentation: Ableton Live/ Max/msp
3rd International Computer Music Conference, 6th Electronic Music Week
South Florida art center’s multimedia exhibition
UIUC VR art exhibition
 Beijing international electronic music festival competition, the second prize

Exhibition image on 3rd International Computer Music Conference, 6th Electronic Music Week:

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