This animation tells a series of stories about a bear boy and his mother in the subway. Bear boy with his curiosity and imagination did things that in the subway for all sorts of mischief and imagination. For the love of music and curiosity, unplugged a passenger’s headset made the chaos on the subway, the fear of the bad guys and the crowded crowds on the subway…... All the performance of the use of exaggerated imagination expressed the bear boy's psychological activities.

The production of original music using cheerful, naughty tone of the bear boy’s characteristics were described. According to bear boy's psychological activities change, when actions happens, make the drum speed up, the sound cheery and dark, and the change of background music…. For the subway on each character has a special appearance music.
The original sound is recorded and processed by the actual subway sampling.

Original Music & Sound: Chenyu Sun
Animation makers: Xiaonan Zhao(producer), Shu Gong(edit, effect), Xiaoai Yang(coloring)

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