Original Music/Sound made by Chenyu Sun.   Clothing designed by Yuhan Yang.

This is a group of music for drama clothing fashion show of adapted version of personalized drama "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Tells the story of the love story in the sixties and seventies of the nineteenth century. I’m with the clothing designer yuhan yang co-operation to complete the whole set of fashion show. The script design is divided into the human world and fairy character, the human world of clothing design and music is a punk and modern combination of style, fairy character of clothing and music is ethereal atmosphere of music.

The original music part of the design and production is done using the Ableton Live and Logic Pro. In order to fit the design of the whole costume, the human world's section of the fusion of the 70's funky music features guitar sampling, and its integration with electronic music, rhythm and drums are more suitable for the fashion show scene. Fairy section of the ethereal atmosphere of the concept of fitting the design of clothing, the main integration of modern electronic tones, through the distortion and effects of the treatment, highlighting the sense of fashion without losing the sense of fairy movement.

Original Music/Sound made by Chenyu Sun.   Clothing designed by Yuhan Yang.

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